Company Profile

Company Background

PortaPower (HK) Limited formerly known as Megasonic (founded in 1991) was reorganized in 1995. PortaPower is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion, LiCoO2, Li-FePO4, LiNiMnCoO2 and Li-polymer rechargeable battery packs and related products with rich experience in this industry.


PortaPower operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities based in its ISO 9001 certified factories in China and factory-based R&D team, which guarantees that there are sufficiently good technologies and innovation designs to cater for this kind of ODM/OEM business. Additionally, PortaPower has in-house machine tooling, CNC mold producing workshops and injection molding lines to ensure the timeliest response to rapidly changing market needs.


Our ODM and OEM projects

As a total energy solution provider, PortaPower specializes in battery packs production of following product range:

High capacity multi-cell applications - for electric bikes, electric wheelchairs, electric golf cars, electric motorcycles, and electric car, etc.

High-rate discharge applications - for power tools, electric scooters, electric golf cars, electric motorcycles, electric cars, and electric tour cars, etc.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Custom engineering design, development and full production for OEM battery pack applications


PortaPower is committed to offering innovative battery and energy solutions that will provide profitable, value-added service of the highest quality, lower cost and augment customers' satisfaction. With strictest quality assurance policy, we ensure highest standard in all production stages, offering high-quality products for battery assembling, with a focused goal of helping and reserving customers' request.

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